It is the purpose of the foundation to initiate development and incentive projects in The Gambia. The foundation develops and executes projects in co-operation with the local NGO.

The primary goal is to not make money available to the Gambian people, but to initiate projects enabling them to provide in their necessities of life.

With these projects we want to achieve following:

  • promotion of employment in order to build own means of support

  • promotion of education

  • installing and improving means of communication

  • provision of primary necessities of life

  • promotion of independency

  • facilitation of own initiatves

Projects are not bound by religious, ecclesiastical  or social organisations. They can however play a local role in the execution of such projects by mediation and/or stimulation.

Each project is carried out fully transparent. In the execution and finishing phase of a project the foundation will give account of the results of the project and the spending of funds and means. Please refer to Accountability.